Be a pro-freelancer in Sri Lanka

There are hundreds of opportunities out there — if you are determined enough to reach out.
I used to think that freelancing wasn’t a good career option but now that I’ve been a freelance writer for almost 5 years, I hardly see myself doing anything else. Most people like steady 9-5 jobs because of the stability that it gives them, but believe it or not, most freelancers end up creating their own businesses and making enough money to pay off wages too! The notion that you must join a reputed company to live a fulfilling career life is a myth. That being said, it’s always best to work for a company because there is a LOT you can learn. In fact, the ideal situation is that at the start of your career life, you work full time at a company where you can learn a lot but continue with freelancing in your spare time so that you gain reputation in your craft.

You NEED a skill!

A perfect freelancing career cannot be achieved without a skill set that has demand. In Sri Lanka, many of the creative and IT trades such as writing, graphics and web designing/ developing as well as areas such as HR, teaching and finance are excellent skills to pursue as freelance careers because many other companies and individuals require the skills of specialists in these areas. In other countries, there are freelance opportunities for Sales & Marketing and Administration. If you are exceptional in a skill, you can easily make money out of it without depending on a full-time job.
The key is to harness a skillset that others will have a demand for and marketing it so that your service is made use of by them while making money for you.

Pros and Cons

Freelancing has its ups and down — I have complete control over what projects I do and how much I get paid for them, but on the down side, there is a risk of having no projects (and no money) for many months. When you’re your own boss you have to keep strict deadlines lest end up with no money, disappointed clients and worst of all, bad reputation. In a society that is built on good networking, negative reputation about your work can have a serious impact on your freelance career.
Freelancing is different to part-part time work because there are no fixed times. There’s no fixed ‘anything’ for that matter. The universal law that governs all other careers; “Give your 110%” still applies here.
If you work hard, build your contacts and market yourself as an excellent provider of a particular service, you will become a pro freelancer.

By Nadeesha Paulis

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