Deshamanya Ken Balendra

By:  Deshamanya Ken Balendra


  • Possesses unquestionable honesty and integrity, and the excellent reputation that goes with it. Is totally reliable. Financially stable, and doesn’t live beyond his or her means.
  • Quick, active, and enthusiastic. Makes his or her presence felt in all business and social situations.
  • Has a good sense of humour and a good knowledge of English, Sinhala, and Tamil; both written and spoken.
  • Oral persuasiveness: an excellent communicator — in both written and verbal forms. Knows what he or she is talking about. Clear, sharp, lucid; not vague. Frank; does not keep things to himself or herself. Does not speak to please people if a principle is at stake.
  • Sociability and social boldness — a good mixer, smiles often, never grumpy or moody, always friendly. Doesn’t unnecessarily antagonize people.
  • Well-presented, well-mannered: a lady or a gentleman.
  • Possesses a sound (often in-depth) knowledge of news, events, trends, and happenings; on the local and international scenes.
  • Highly disciplined. Not emotional under pressure, can cope well with stress and tension.
  • Generally kind and gentle, but can be tough (though frm and fair) if the need arises. Feels for the people working with him or her.
  • Has no time for pettiness and does not discriminate, think, or act on the basis of gender, ethnicity, creed, etc.
  • No scandal attached to their character.
  • No complexes or severe personality issues, such as a chip on his or her shoulder — rather, has a good head on their shoulders
  • Patient — bears many minor irritations or even setbacks with grace.
  • Persistent — doesn’t give up easily, if at all


  • A good performer with high standards of professionalism.
  • A results-oriented approach for self and subordinates.
  • Shows much creativity in daily actions, in responses to threats as well as opportunities.
  • Envisions and engineers improvements in products and/or services.
  • Knows his or her job description, duty, responsibility, and authority; and handles them excellently.
  • Moves into any situation requiring leadership and gets the job done.
  • Keeps subordinates highly motivated and well organized. He or she knows what’s expected and moves continually towards goals without supervision.
  • Always prompt and punctual. Usually the first one there, meets every deadline, always on time or even a little early.
  • High energy levels arising from good health. Physically ft and mentally alert — and shows it.
  • Possesses oodles of personality, dignity, self-confidence; doesn’t play sycophant to people in positions of power and authority, but earns their respect through ability, talents/skills, and performance.
  • Always looked up to by subordinates, and accepted by colleagues as both an equal and a friend.
  • A people-developer, motivator and trainer. An excellent manager of people. Effortless superiority in their respective spheres.
  • A born leader. Decisive, proactive, personally driven, but impartial.
  • Believes in simplifying the business process, streamlining it and making continuous improvements with an eye on efficiency.
  • Strives to improve self continually through education, exposure to beneficial ideas and experiences, and trains at learning new skills.
  • Well-organised. Never has too much to do: is a good delegator.
  • A good team player. Not a loner. Enjoys team sports.
  • Cannot bear to see waste. Cost-conscious. Does not make a recommendation without studying the costbeneft rationale.
  • Not hasty in taking decisions. Not ashamed to consult others where necessary.
  • Takes correction and advice from superiors as much as from subordinates, in the correct spirit. Respects (but does not fear) experience.
  • ‘House-proud.’ Maintains a good home and office environment. Retains only the minimum in terms of documents and files.
  • An acknowledged expert in his or her immediate line of business, with the details of the principles and processes always at their fingertips.


  • Strives to ensure that company goals and objectives are generally met — and exceeded.
  • The whole group is within this person’s horizon, and he or she is continually on the lookout for ways to improve corporate performance.
  • Bottom-line oriented. Always considers the impact of personal actions on the short and long-term return to the profit centre in particular and the group in general, and takes the path of greatest return.
  • Has a proprietary interest in the group, which is achieved in a personal capacity (as against company concessions) and vis-à-vis his or her financial position. Thus, possesses a confidence in the future of the group, which he or she is helping to mould.
  • Possesses both desire and determination — willing to sacrifice personally for the sake of the company as much as his or her success.
  • Has a total commitment to the group. Is proud to be in the group, and shows it.
  • Has a trained, analytical and insightful mind… and clearly understands marketing techniques, financial statements and management information. Always striving to improve the level of professionalism in the group. Appreciates and uses the advantages of modern technology.
  • Familiar with the business of the different companies in the group, and is able to contribute meaningfully to deliberations outside his or her immediate responsibilities. Recognizes the group’s long-term objectives.
  • Also recognizes the group’s own social responsibilities. Participates and is active in appropriate outside activities. A well known and popular figure with recognized responsibilities; familiar to employees, shareholders and community.
  • Has his or her own political opinions, but acts in accordance with the acknowledgement that the group
    is apolitical.

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