Good work habits

How to improve your work habits

By : Lakshmi Peiris

As a professional check your work carefully until you assure that you have done a complete job. It will then be a well-done job and appreciated by your superiors. Before you circulate any document or forward it to your Manager’s signature clear your doubts that the documents are accurate and clear. Avoid mistakes as much as possible.
Assure error free computerization and neatly done correspondence, which should create a good impression to the receiving party. Do not leave room for anyone to find fault in your work. It will be a drawback to your professional career. Always make sure that you complete whatever work assigned to you before you get into another. Re-check the addresses before sending the mail/e-mail.
Accuracy and speed can go together. But keep in mind speed can slip or omit a letter or a word. Always check your work so that the speed will not be a hit on your work.


Train yourself to carry out all instructions given by your superiors. Listen to your superiors carefully and concentrate well on any information they provide to complete any professional task. Listen carefully without waiting your superiors to repeat what they have said over and over again.
DO NOT FORGETdo not forget to remember
Forgetfulness and your job cannot go together. That is why concentration and listening process has a wide exposure towards our professional careers. You must always be thorough in your work. Yes being thorough in your work means that you are a capable professional to hold responsibility on behalf of your organization.
 Value your time
Organize your work to fit into the schedule of your company and not according to yours. Be punctual in your office attendance. Time is the most valued earning in an organization. Productivity is lost if time is wasted. Be on time to office. Arrive in office before your superiors arrive and leave later. Check your desk before leaving office. Organize and prioritize your work for the following day. This will give you more time to attend to urgent task which comes through your way unexpectedly.

be organized

Focus very frequently on your organizations work schedules. Prepare these work schedules on the same day and up-date it without waiting for the next day. Keep your superiors informed of any changes. Listen and concentrate on everything your superiors ask and tell you. If they call upon you to discuss any professional matter assure that you take a note book and write what is important which has to be dealt with confidence. It is also quite necessary to note down all telephone numbers/addresses your organization/company deals with for easy reference and in an emergency.

outline your work

Outline your work for each day. Continue throughout weekly monthly and every quarterly. This will take you out of unnecessary burden of work. Keep a track of the work you have to attend to thereafter. Throw all unnecessary documents and do not let any old and unwanted papers to accumulate. It will be the mess of mess when it comes to finding the true copies of correspondence. Keep copies, book-cases neatly and clean.
While focusing on your daily routines the importance of documentation too has to be taken into consideration. Most of the documents have to be read and responded. Maintaining a methodical filing system will be a benefit when it comes to documentation. Neatly filed documents will make your day to day work easy. Make a heading for each file labeling it giving the appropriate heading. Highlight it very clearly so that you could sight it at a glance. Make it in the alphabetical order A-Z and number it. Make a list of all files from A-Z. Paste it on to the filing cabinets.
This will be of immense help to you when you search a file in an emergency. Make sure that everything is up to date. Before leaving clean your table and cover the machines. Close your drawers/cabinets tightly and lock for security reasons.
updated information
Note all important information. Check the diary daily and see that all engagements for the day are entered .You should know what is going on in your company. Keep a separate note book and write whatever your think is important. Computerize names, addresses, telephone numbers of people your company deals with. Take copies and store them in a safe place so that you could glance when the necessity arise.

Office Stationery

Do not run short of stationery. Keep sufficient stocks. Your superiors may need some stationery immediately as such it is better to keep everything in excess. Check your Manager’s supplies and make sure that everything is there.

Source : Daily News 12.07.2017

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